Turning Assets into Cash !

           Our services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients


Services: for House Sale Client Sellers 
- Provide free, no obligation consultation
- take inventory and photograph furniture and specialty items    
- research & network with experts to obtain the best possible market price on sale items     
- sorting, reasonable cleaning, pricing, tagging and displaying all sale items with special attention to detail
- advertising in local newspapers, posting announcement of sale dates and photographs of furniture and      
         specialty items on our web site
- notify our customer base with early notification of sale by email    
- provide directional signs to be posted near and around sale site.    
- conduct a one or two day sale for the general public depending on the size of the sale.
- provide accounting to client with final payment within 7 days of the sale.

- 20% Commission of Sale Total
- Advertising costs (no charge for web site advertising & other social media advertising)
- $30 per hour per person for sorting and tagging
- Miscellaneous services as needed.

Servicesfor Client Buyers

The Top Drawer offers the general public the opportunity to view photographs of sale items and consignment items on our web site.  Each sale will be advertised in the daily newspaper and on our web site during the week of the scheduled sale.  Our sales offer a unique opportunity to purchase furniture and furnishings for every room in the house at fair market prices.  Our client buyers are invited to register with us either by email or by signing our register which is available at each sale.  This will ensure that they will receive an email notification of each sale and a chance to view sale items on our web site prior to the scheduled sale dates.  All sale items will be priced and not available for purchase until the start of the sale unless otherwise specified.  Directional signs will be displayed for our client customers at each sale.